This Is Who We Are

Come find out more about us and what makes us tick, we are a small but powerful little team!

Our Vision & Goals

In 2014, we opened up a marketing agency in Birmingham, UK. It was very difficult to locate guest posting services that suited our needs, though there were literally thousands of design agencies offering the service. Not a single service was offering filtered stipulations.

We decided to go off and create our own section in the office to look after our campaigns, we felt guest posting was very powerful and made the most impact for getting results in the SERPs. Just one quality link was the equivalent to getting 100 normal links.

We began renting our services to other marketing agencies, this proved very successful. Pretty soon we was inundated with client requests for our guest posting services. Google bought out yet another update and we got tired of chasing ways to “beat the system”.

We closed the doors on UK SEO Media LTD and started PublicizeMe. We felt we could offer very bespoke guest posting services to marketing agencies. We could finally take a break from trying to beat Google.

Measurable Results

Guest publications have been proven to increase Google positions and brand awareness. A single good quality placed link could easily beat 100 normal “blast links” as we call them. Stop settling for second best and start building quality permanent links for your clients.

We Know Marketing

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, we know what our clients need. We don’t need much input and can pretty much get to work in any industry at any time.

Meet Your All-Star Team

Luke Murphy

Luke Murphy


Luke has been in the world of digital marketing for over 10 years, he has knowledge of a whole range of marketing techniques including black and white-hat. Luke wanted to create a service where the client would have more options in terms of content marketing and wanted to deliver high quality links with a very strict set of stipulations.

Lisa Davies

Lisa Davies

Accounts Manager

Lisa immersed herself in content creation whilst at University of Birmingham to earn extra money and pay for studies. After graduation she decided to stay in the industry and make it her career. Lisa learnt keyword research and how to create SEO content. The content she creates is very engaging and an absolute pleasure to read!

Jenny Watts

Jenny Watts

Link Strategist

Jenny is our newest member of the team and has been with us for just two years. Jenny is one awesome negotiator and never pays full price for any link she has got for us! The experience she has in the industry is quite vast which is why she makes the perfect team member, she’s able to change her hat and work a variety of roles to push us forward and get links out for our clients.